By J-Ldn (Jack London) is UK born artist residing in Stockholm, Sweden. His work mirrors relationships between cultures and objects, that draws often emotional and though-provoking reactions from the viewer. Focusing on street and pop culture J-Ldn currently uses resin and ceramic to bring his 2D designs to life.



Shoeuzi project, 2018 - Ongoing:

A metaphoric art series for the control commercial brands have on consumers.

Resale value, due to limited quantities and high desirability, coerces urban street culture into crime and quandering. Meanwhile, multimillion-dollar underground operations produce replicas for a fraction of the cost. 

Colours: Various
Material: Polyresin & Acrylic 
Size: w 185mm x h 185mm
Date: 2018 - now
Edition: 150 per style


We Are Not Friends project, 2018:

We Are Not Friends is a satirical parody of the character ‘BFF’ from the artist KAWS. Hand casted in polyresin and painted in enamel the piece is intended to portray the power and control commercialization of art has on consumers in street culture.

Colours: Blue / Black / Pink
Material: Polyresin & Acrylic 
Size: w 250mm x h 250mm
Date: 2018
Edition: Ltd. to - Blue: 50, Black: 50, Pink: 100